Dr. Tina Dasgupta, MD, PHD, serves as the department lead for radiation oncology at The Southeast Permanente Medical Group where she oversees the department’s efforts to provide the highest quality evidence-based care to patients in a compassionate and timely manner. She is also a lead physician in the planning and development of a prostate cancer survivorship clinic which will be the first of its kind in Kaiser Permanente’s Georgia region.

She graduated from Yale University where she received her Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) and a research degree (PhD) in Pharmacology. Today, she combines her medical and research background to provide evidence-based approaches to cancer care, incorporating the latest cancer research into personalized therapies for her patients while specializing in treatments like radiosurgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, and image-guided intensity modulated radiation therapy.

Dr. Dasgupta has also led projects in cancer research at many levels, from the laboratory bench to clinical trials. She has published papers in numerous scientific journals and received several prestigious awards for her findings including the American Society for Clinical Oncology Young Investigator Award and the ASCO/American Association for Cancer Research award.

Prior to her role at The Southeast Permanente Medical Group, Dr. Dasgupta held positions as a practicing physician and researcher at the University of California San Francisco where she specialized in Radiation Oncology.